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Dear Computer Lady,

A friend in Fl ( i’m in Berwick Me) received a facebook msg from me ( not messaging ) telling about my making money on a UNICEF program. It was my actual FB page and home photo. What he saw was a bogus page but it didn’t appear that way. They were clever.

When he finally phoned me and discovered what happened he was disheartened and out thousands of dollars. I changed my password, home photo, closed down the viewing of my friends and “about” portion. At the same time I was getting info from friends that I was hacked. They were saying they were getting ‘ I would like to be on your friend list’ but already was. FB has an occasional list of “these people may want to friend you”. When I scanned this list my FB page was there. The FLAG to me was the page being displayed was my former home photo NOT my new one. When I viewed the page, there were a list of about 10 friends and nothing else. My fl friend was one of them. It appeared to me that I was viewing the bogus site. My question is ‘ What do I do???? ‘

Thanks Sam

Dear Sam,

Thank you for this detailed description of a scammer creating a fake account and tricking your friends into thinking they are you. This is a fairly common thing on Facebook, in fact, I reported a fake account just a few days ago.

What you should do is report the bogus site to Facebook. They are very good about quickly shutting down these sites. Here is how you do that.

1. Go to the fake site.

2. Click on the icon with three dots (an ellipsis) on the cover photo, and from the drop down list, click on “Report”.

3. Answer the questions, you will find an option for reporting an account that is pretending to be you.

Facebook will look into the report and shut down the bogus site. I have found that it usually only takes a few hours.



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