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Dear Computer Lady,

When I am on Facebook and try to comment on someone’s post I cannot find the send button, is it because I have been blocked by someone?

Thanks in advance if you can offer any help, Lou in York, Maine


Dear Lou,

When someone has blocked you on facebook (or removed you as a friend) you would no longer be able to see their posts on your page. I’m pretty sure that if you can see their post, you have not been blocked.

When you are using Facebook and you want to comment on someone’s post, you click on the “Comment” link to display the comment box. After you have typed your comment, there is a button just under the box that says, “Comment”. Click on that button to send your comment. Let me show you with some pictures.

Here is a Facebook post that has a comment box already displayed

You would just type in the section that says, “Write a comment…”

Some posts, like the one below don’t already have a comment box displayed.

Here, you would click on the word, “Comment” that I have circled. That will display the comment box like below:

Where you would type and then click on the blue “Comment” button to post your message.


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    • happyfeet
    • March 5, 2011

    It could also be that the post you are viewing is not that of a friend on your list. It could be a friend of a friend. If that is the case, you may not have the opportunity to comment or like anything about that person depending on their privacy settings. Keep in mind that everyone on FB has the option to set their privacy so that ONLY FRIENDS may see posts & comment, or FRIENDS OF FRIENDS, or EVERYONE. There are different levels of privacy and it likely has nothing to do with blocking you.

    • jazzcat320
    • March 5, 2011

    You can only comment if you are a FRIEND of that person.

    Some folks have their WALL set so anyone can see it, not just FRIENDS. SO…if you can see their WALL, but are NOT a friend, you cannot comment.

    • arojann
    • March 5, 2011

    I have noticed that some comment boxes of Facebook (in groups, for example) you need only hit “enter” to leave a comment. In fact, it has taken many of us by surprise! I often hit “enter” just to get to a new line, and it posts my comment before it is finished. Frustrating for sure!

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