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Dear Computer Lady,

How do you remove (get rid of) the activity log on Facebook?

I enjoy playing GSN slot games often and was shocked to see it being tracked on my Facebook activity.

I am fairly new to Facebook and do not appreciate this activity showing on Facebook for everyone to see.

Thank you for your response, Sar

Dear Sar,

When you log into your account in Facebook, you can see your activity log, but you cannot view anyone elses activity log. The same thing is true for other Facebook users. They will be able to see their own activity log, but they will not be able to see yours.

Here is what Facebook has to say about the activity log:

“The activity log is a tool for you to review and manage what you’ve personally shared on Facebook and only you can see it.”

You can actually use your activity log to manage your timeline (which other people can see) and remove things that you don’t want to be public.

You can find an article describing how to do this at:




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