Facebook Doesn’t Recognize My Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

Sure hope that you can help with Facebook question. Just recently, Facebook has been telling me that “Your account was logged into from an unrecognized browser or device.”

It has only been me logging into Facebook because when an email shows up from Facebook, it shows the time that I logged in and it’s the exact time that I logged from my personal home computer.

I have reported this situation to Facebook, but so far, no response from them. I’ve tried looking up answers on Google but cannot find the answer to this problem.

Have you seen this problem before? Seems like other people have had this problem when I did some research.

Thank you for your continued help! Linda

Dear Linda,

I have seen this problem before.

When you log into a service like Facebook, it usually tries to leave a cookie that identifies your computer as one that uses your account.

If that cookie is not there the next time you log in, Facebook won’t recognize your computer.

There are several things that might cause this.

1. You don’t have cookies enabled in your web browser.
2. You delete your cookies daily.
3. The cookies in your web browser are corrupted and Facebook can’t read them.

I hope this helps with your problem.



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