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Dear Computer Lady,

A friends picture came up where you are asked to confirm, I stupidly, not thinking confirmed. Then saw where my friend wrote someone was using her to befriend people.

I unfriended one of them but I may have unfriended the wrong one. what is going to happen? What do I do? I am so upset over this!

Thank you so much, and thank you for being there to help people like me!!

Sincerely Helen

Dear Helen,

Usually what happens when someone creates an account that looks like someone else, then asks to be friends with you is that they start chatting with you and try to get you to send them money because you think it is really your friend, and they tell you some sad story about being robbed or sick or something.

What you can do now, is ask your friend to check and see if you are still friends with her. If you are not, just ask her to send you a new friend request and unfriend the imposter before you accept her request.

In the future, when you get a friend request from someone you think you are already friends with, check to see how many friends this person has. Most imposters have only a handful of friends compared to someone with an established account.



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