How To Hide Facebook Chat Sidebar

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been reading your helpful hints for many years and appreciate your answers.

On Facebook the box on the right hand side that is always there with the listing of those ready to chat is annoying .

Is there a way to remove the chat list of names?
I tried several things and nothing works.

Thank you in advance, Sue

Dear Sue,

I’m guessing you are referring to the chat sidebar. That is fairly simple to remove (actually, you are only hiding it) if you just know where to look.

In the lower right corner of the facebook page, there is a search box with a small gear next to it. Click on that gear.

In the list of options that appear when you click on that gear, you can select a couple that will remove those annoying names.

If you click on, “Hide Sidebar” it will remove the entire right column. This is probably the option you are looking for.

If you click “Turn off Chat” it will “grey out” the list of people you could chat with, but it will still be there.

If you click, “Show Ticker” it will display recent activity by your facebook friends on top, with the list of friends ready to chat. You can actually put your mouse in the section between the two lists and drag it down. That way, you can still see the ticker, but not the chat list.



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