How To Merge Facebook Pages

Dear Computer Lady,

I have 2 facebook pages. Can`t seem to merge them, and afraid if I get rid of the one without a photo, I will lose both pages.

Is there an answer to this? Colleen

Dear Colleen,

I don’t believe there is any way to merge facebook accounts, but you can backup the information in both before making any changes.

Simply go to your Facebook Settings, (click the small drop down arrow in to blue bar at the top of your page, and click “Settings”).

On the “General Account Settings” page, there is a link that says, “Download a copy of your Facebook Data”.

Click on that link to start the process.

If you download the data for each account first, then you will be able to delete one of them without losing the data.

If you are talking about two pages that are in one account, you can actually merge them using the directions on facebook at:



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