How To Post A Photo on Facebook

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Do you have directions on how to put a photo on Facebook?

Thanks, Dorothy

Dear Dorothy,

How you put a photo on Facebook depends on what device you are using to access facebook. For these directions, I am going to assume you are using your desktop or laptop computer running the Windows operating system.

First, log into your Facebook account, and click on the “Home” link to go to your news feed.

At the top of your news feed, there are three links for you; Update Status, Add Photos/Video and Create Photo Album. Click on the link that says, Add Photos/Video.

A window will open that allows you to browse your computer and find the photo you want to put on Facebook. If, for example, your picture is in your “Pictures” folder, click on “Pictures” in the left column, find your picture and click on it to select it.

Click the “Open” button at the bottom of the dialog window.

In a few moments, your photo will load on your facebook page, and you will have the chance to type any comments you might have about the photo.

When you have finished typing comments, click on the blue, “Post” button and your photo will be on Facebook for all your friends to see.



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