How To Remove Ads in Words With Friends

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I hope you can supply an answer to an irritating problem on my computer.

Whenever I play Words with Friends, this ad from Zynga always comes on, and then I have to wait and wait until I can make a play. Is there any way to block or delete these ads? I cannot seem to find anything that would help get rid of these ads.

I enjoy reading your newsletter and there is always so much good information on there.

Thank you so much and have a great day! Mary

Dear Mary,

I think it depends on what device you are using to play Words With Friends.

If you are using a tablet, like the iPad or an android tablet, you can purchase Words With Friends and the ads will go away. I purchased Words With Friends on my iPad for just 99 cents and no longer have to wait for the ads.

If you are playing the game on Facebook, I don’t think you can make the ads go away.



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    • MardiK
    • March 2, 2014

    I hate the ads too and I play on my computer. I just click the refresh button and it reloads the site and I don’t have to watch the ad. It is much faster that way and far less irritating.

    • rugs37
    • March 2, 2014

    In regards to getting rid of the ads on Words With Friends on Facebook, I have Firefox and they have an Add On to eliminate them..I think is is called Adblock which I use and it works. From what I also understand, Chrome has the same Add-on.

    • jograeber
    • March 2, 2014

    RE: I have a tablet, plus play on the computer. I paid $5 to get rid of the ads and was the best $5 I’ve spent in a while! So, well worth not having that ad wait time! I play through FB most of the time, and it does work, regardless on which device or how I’m playing.

    I do have a problem, however, with my totals not tallying as I play. If I quit and come back on, the total adjusts itself, but it won’t add up as I play each game. I’ve not seen another problem like this on their forum – and they seldom ever answer problems! I am addicted, though, so forget quitting! lol

    • LJ
    • March 3, 2014

    I play Words with Friends everyday on my PC and know how annoying it is to wait. I open the game on two tabs and switch back and forth avoiding the ads. Hope this helps.

    • LJ
    • March 17, 2014

    I have the top response. I just tried rugs37 suggestion about Adblock and it works like a charm! Thanks.

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