How To Report A Facebook Account

Dear Reader,

This week, I needed to figure out how to do something online that I figured I should share with all of you.

The other evening, I was blissfully sewing at my machine, when my phone began to buzz with text messages from my children. They wanted to know if I was sending them friend requests from my facebook account, which I had not.

After a little bit of investigating, we figured out that someone had created an account with my name, and they had even stolen my pictures so that the two accounts looked identical. They had not hacked into my account, so changing my password (which I did anyway) did not help.

Facebook has a way to report any accounts that are offensive or inappropiate, but I had never done that before, so I went looking for directions. Here is how to report a page if this ever happens to you:

1. Go to the offensive page. I found the fake page by searching for my name, but my children already had links to the page from the friend requests that had been sent to them, so I could have gotten it from them.

2. In the lower-right corner of the cover photo, there is a button that says, “Message” and then has three dots. Click on the three dots. A drop down menu will appear with three options, “Poke, Report, and Block”. Click on “Report”.

3. A dialog box will appear with several choices, select the choice you want, in my case, I selected, “Report this account”.

4. Next, you will have another dialog box with more options. It must be common for people to pretend to be someone else, because one of the options is that the timeline is pretending to be me.

5. Just finish answering the questions that facebook has for you, then click to submit your report. In my case, Facebook responded and closed the offending account in less than an hour, and I went back to my sewing.


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