How To Resize Facebook Profile Image

Dear Computer Lady,

Since Facebook changed my business page to the new timeline, my profile picture has been cut off on both sides. You can see what I mean at

Thanks, Mike


Dear Mike,

When Facebook changed your business page over to the new timeline, they changed the profile picture from a rectangle to a square.

Since your original picture was a rectangle that had text all the way to the edges, it didn’t translate well to the new square format.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to fix, and you don’t even need to purchase an expensive program.

There is a free program, named, Irfanview at that makes this fix a quick and easy task. If you don’t already have Irfanview installed on your computer, go ahead and download it, then we can get started.

1. Open your profile picture in Irfanview. If you don’t have a copy on your computer, you can do what I did, and go to your website, right-click on the picture, and click “Copy”.

2. If you copied the picture in the first step, open Irfanview, and click “Edit” then “Paste” in the menu bar.

3. With your logo open, click on “Image” then “Change canvas size” in the menu bar. A small dialog box will open.

4. We are going to use method 2, and set the total canvas dimensions in pixels. First, you need to know the size of the current image. If you look in the lower-left corner of the Irfanview window, you will see the dimensions of your image, which is currently 229 pixels by 159 pixels.

5. Click to select “Method 2” and in the “Width” and “Height” boxes, type 229.

6. In the “Anchor” section, click to select “Center” so that the current image will be centered in the new, larger square.

7. In the “Canvas color” section, click the “Choose” button, and select a color. In this case, I selected white since that is the background color of your logo.

8. Now, click the “OK” button, and your image will be resized to a 229×229 pixel square that will work much better as your new facebook profile picture.


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