How To Save Pictures From Facebook

Dear Computer Lady,

I want to save some pics on Granddaughter’s Facebook page to my iPad.

Can it be done? I only see references to ” like, comment, messenger”.


Dear Sam,

Yes, there are a couple of ways you can save pictures from a Facebook page on your iPad.

The simplest thing to do is tap on the photo until it is full size, then take a screenshot. It will automatically be saved in your photos.

You take a screenshot by holding in the power button while you press the home button.

The next thing you can do is save the photo. When you view the photo and can see the options for “Like” and “Comment” look in the upper-right corner of your screen for the button with three dots.

If you don’t see that icon, tap on the photo one more time so that it fills your entire screen.

Tap on the three dots icon, and “Save Photo” will be one of the options you can tap on.



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