Is Facebook Messenger Safe?

Dear Computer Lady,

I hope you can answer my question as Google can’t. I have googled this on several occasions but still no answer.

I am on Facebook and I need to install Messenger, but I read somewhere that if you do, anyone anyplace can read your emails, and I do have PI in some of my emails.

So is this true? Is it ok to install Messenger on my Facebook account or not?

Thank you. Constance

Dear Constance,

Good News, Facebook Messenger does not have anything to do with your emails.

You can go ahead and install Messenger on your computer and use it. It will not give strangers, or anyone else access to your email account.

One bit of advice that I want to share though is that I never put anything in an email or a message that I wouldn’t want the general public to read. You never know who is going to forward your messages, or if you might accidentally send them to the wrong person or group. This self-imposed rule has served me well over the years.



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