Missing Facebook Friends

Hi Elizabeth,

My question is this someone had gotten upset with me and removed their name from my friends list and now I can no longer post anything to them. One day they were on my friends list and the next, actually it was two names removed, how did they do this?

For now I can’t enjoy their company on face book.

I thought I was the one who would have this control, apparently not!



Dear Nelva,

Actually, you both have control over who your friends are. In order to be friends with someone, both people have to want to be friends.

To become friends with someone on Facebook, you send a friend request, and the person you send it to accepts it. If that person doesn’t want to share their posts with you, then they can choose to not accept your request.

If at any time, you decide you don’t want to share your information with someone, you can remove them from your list of friends. This will not only remove their name from your list, but it will also remove your name from their list of friends.

What happened in your case is that the person who got upset with you removed you from their list of friends. As a result, they are no longer on your list.

The only way to get them back on your list is to send them another friend request and hopefully they will accept the new request.


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