My Facebook Has Been Hacked`

Dear Computer Lady,

My Facebook has been hacked. My name but another picture
And posts that are not mine.

Help! Thank you, Sharon

Dear Sharon,

Cyber criminals don’t have to hack into your facebook account in order to create an account almost identical to yours. Then, they can pretend to be you, and try to get your friends and family to accept them as friends, then they will pretend to be you and try to scam your friends and family.

If you can still log into your Facebook account and make posts, then it is not your account that has been hacked and you don’t need to do anything with your account.

Instead, if you are sure the Facebook account with your name is someone trying to spoof your account (instead of someone else with the same name as you) you can simply report the account to Facebook and they will quickly take the account down. Just go to Facebook and search for “Report an Impostor Account”.



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