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Good Morning Computer Lady,
Glad you are feeling better. 

I have a question concerning FACEBOOK.  I have spent hours Blocking names of “Friends” that I don’t know.  I now have an endless list of names and have tried everything I can think of to delete this list.  Is there a way? 

I am not interested in restoring any of them because I don’t know them.  They are friends of friends. 

Thank you so much for your interest.  Lou


Dear Lou,

It sounds like you might be blocking posts from people who are your friends, but you are not removing them from your friends list.

Note: If the people you are trying to block are friends of your friends who are commenting on posts that your friends made, I don’t think there is a way to block them. You can block your comments from being displayed to them, but not the other way around.

Once you remove someone from your friends list, their posts won’t show up on your wall any more. Here is how to remove people from your list of friends on Facebook:

1. Log into your Facebook page.

2. On the left, just under your picture, click on “Friends”.

3. Currently, when you click on the “Friends” link, Facebook shows you ways to add even more friends. At the top of the page, however, is a button that says, “Edit Friends”. Click on that button.

4. Click the drop down list at the top of your list of friends, and select, “All Friends” to make sure all your friends are listed.

5. You will notice that there is an X to the right of each friend listed. Click on that X and a small window will pop up asking you if you are sure you want to remove that person.

6. Just click the “Remove from Friends” button and they will be removed from your friends list.


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    • marcie5y
    • March 19, 2011


    I find all this information correct on how to delete a friend,except for one thing. IF you have the person marked on a list (ex..gaming list) you must un-check them from that list before you hit the X to delete them. Otherwise it will keep their name on the list and when your in games trying to send gifts,they will be listed to send to.

    • Micky
    • April 5, 2011

    Elizabeth, Your advice doesn’t work in this case because Lou is trying to remove FRIENDS OF FRIENDS, not actual friends. I, too, cannot figure out how to remove these unknowns that are cluttering my account. I am extremely annoyed to think that I am stuck with an ever-growing collection of “friends of friends” I will likely never know in my life. I will delete my Facebook account if I cannot delete these unwanted contacts. Can you help? Thanx!

    1. I have looked all over my Facebook account, and can’t find a list of “Friends of Friends” anywhere. Can you tell me where you are viewing this list?

      Thanks, Elizabeth

    • Micky
    • April 8, 2011

    Sure thing. Click on “Profile” and on the right side of the screen where it says “People you may know,” click “See all.” Or, in “Home” mode, click on “Friends” on the left side of the screen and scroll down to “people you may know” and again click on “see all.” These are considered “friends of friends.” The only thing you can do is add them as friends and I don’t know 99% of the hundreds cluttering up my account. Is there ANY way of removing them? Thanx so much for (all) your help!
    BTW, Thanx SO much for recommending AVG. I’ve had it for years and it provides the absolute BEST computer security (SO worth the money!)

    1. I see the list that you are talking about now.

      The people on this list are not actually connected to your account, and their posts don’t show up on your wall. This is just a list that you can look at if you are trying to find more friends.

      Facebook is so successful because it makes it easy to find people you know. This is just one of the ways they make available for users to find people they might have lost contact with.

      Unfortunately, you can’t remove this list, it is similar to the advertisements listed on the right side of your Facebook page.

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