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Dear Computer Lady,

Do you know how to get Facebook to show things in chronological order?

I’d like to see the newest posts from people and newspages I follow first and right away. (i.e. This morning some NECN posts and Matt Noyes posts and some friends posts from 11 hours ago to a day ago showed up!)

Thanks, Mary

Dear Mary,

I like to see my Facebook posts in chronological order as well, and even though it is simple to get them to display that way, for some reason, Facebook keeps putting it back to the “Top Stories” view.

Here is how to see your wall posts with the most recent first.

Go to your Facebook news feed (click the “Home” link next to your name in the top-right corner of the page)

Just above the first post, a little to the right is the word, “Sort”.

Click on “Sort” then click “Most Recent”

Now your news feed posts are displayed with the newest at the top.



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