The Secret To Staying Invisible on Facebook

Dear Computer Lady,

I read all of your newsletters and find them very helpful and written for the non-technical minds. Thank you.

I have a question about FaceBook tags. Is there a FaceBook setting so that I will not be included in my friends’ tags and still follow my friends?

Thank you, Linda

Dear Linda,

When your friends make a post, or post a picture, they can tag you by mentioning your name, or tagging you in the picture.

While there doesn’t appear to be a setting to stop your friends from tagging you (sometimes simply asking them to not tag you will be the best solution) you can turn on a setting in Facebook that will allow you to manually approve posts that you have been tagged in before they show up on your timeline.

It is important to note that this will only stop them from showing up on your timeline, not other peoples timelines.

There is also a setting where you can control who can see posts and photos that you have been tagged in.

Both these settings are found in the same place.

1. Click on the small triangle located at the top-right corner of your Facebook page.

2. Click on “Settings” in the drop down menu.

3. When the Settings page loads, click on “Timeline and Tagging” in the left column.

4. The first timeline setting has a section where you can review posts friends tag you in before they post to your timeline. Just turn this setting on.

5. In the next section, where it says, “who can see things on my timeline?” you can change the settings to “Only Me” so that others can’t see the posts.

You can change as many settings as you want in this section, in fact if you change everything to “Only Me” you will be almost invisible on Facebook.

I hope this helps.



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