Using Facebook Messenger To Transfer Money

Dear Computer Lady,

Is it safe to use Facebook Messenger to transfer money to a friend or family?”

I once used a debit card to purchase something on Facebook; not Messenger; and I shortly thereafter had my number stolen by someone in Great Briton who made a lot of purchases on it but I was refunded by Visa.

Thanks for your reply…Love the info on your site.


Dear Larry,

Wow, I didn’t even know that Facebook messenger had a function in it for sending money. That is something that I find both interesting and frightening.

Is it safe? Facebook would like you to think so, but in this age of hacking, I would not want to give Facebook my debit card information.

I think PayPal is a better way to transfer money. First, they don’t require a debit card, you can use a credit card which has more protection, and second, they have been in the business of securely transferring money for a long time.



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