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In the Beginning Was The Word

Bible Study Software

Works in Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

‘In the beginning was the Word’ Bible software was created as a valuable tool for every person who wishes to study the Bible and organize their thoughts and notes in an easy and straight-forward manner. I found this program easy to use, and excellent for saving notes about each specific verse. 


This Bible Software program contains Multiple Bible translations in many languages with full support & handling for Greek texts.

The program uses a parallel view of multiple translations at once and allows you to include personal notes for each verse, chapter, book and subject.

The Word program includes a really fast search engine. The program also allows formatting and highlighting directly on Bible texts, this is really nice as it makes favorite verses easy to find. 

This program contains no spyware, adware or any other kind of malicious code. 

The Word program does not include commentaries or dictionaries like E-sword does, but it is easier to use and find verses.

You can check out this free program at:



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