Free Kindle Books

Dear Computer Lady,

I just got a new Kindle for my birthday, and I was wondering how I can find free books for my new device.

Do you know of a way?

Thanks, Betty


Dear Betty,

Congratulations on your new Kindle! I love mine.

It is actually fairly easy to find free books for your Kindle. The easiest way is to start looking at Amazon’s website.

First, go to the Amazon Homepage at:

In the menu on the left, point to “Kindle”.

In the drop-down menu, click on “ebooks”.

On the right hand side of the page, find the section that lists the top 100 books. Click on the tab that says, “Top 100 Free”.

If you are looking for a certain type of book, click on a category on the left side of the page. For example, if you click on “History” the top 100 column on the right will show the top 100 history books.

I found a free book on Harriet Tubman that I think I want to read. Just click on the link below to go directly to the book.

Harriet Tubman – The Moses of Her People [Illustrated]


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    • RFMalik
    • May 26, 2011

    For you and for Betty who wanted to know about free books for your Kindle. There are 2 websites where you can sign up to have a news letter delivered with lists of free & low cost books. They are: and
    They will send you a news letter with a description of the books and links to Amazon.
    If I had known I could get so many free and low cost books I would have bought my kindle much sooner. Hope you’re enjoying your kindle as much as I do.

    • wallflower27986
    • June 3, 2011

    Thank you so much. I love my kindle but I can’t afford to buy a lot of books. I’m so pleased to see there are lots of free ones available. Thanks again. OH, one other thing: I couldn’t afford to buy a cover and she didn’t think about it so I used one of my clutch purses and it’s perfect.

    • rockytopp
    • July 25, 2011

    I am loving my new Kindle. My husband got it for me for my birthday. Another way to find free books on Amazon is to choose ebooks, choose a genre such as fiction, and then drop the arrow where it says “select” and select “Price…lowest to highest”, and all the Free books in that genre will be at the beginning of the list.
    Harlean from Arkansas

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