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Dear Computer Lady,

My hard drive fried and I lost the printing calculator you gave out and your newsletter stopped coming to me. Also I think you gave out a dictionary for your computer and I lost that also.

Could you please give me those sites again?

Your newsletter has been so helpful to me, thanks so much. Janette


Dear Janette,

First, you are still subscribed to my newsletter, so it is being sent to your address every week. Check your junk mail settings to be sure it is not being deleted.

The two programs you are looking for are:

1. WordWeb: You can find it on my website at: http://wp.me/pwwRq-IC

2. FreeCalc: Which is on my website at: http://wp.me/pwwRq-uM

All of my articles from the past two years can be found on my website at www.askTCL.com just click on the “More Questions icon.


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