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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have Word 2003 and Vista.. I saw your recent answer about converting a Word document to PDF using Word 2013 and wonder if there is a way to for me to do so.

I googled that question and found numerous “free” programs that claim that capability. However I am aware of the dangers of “free” programs.

Do you have any suggestions? I am a secretary of a owner managed condo association and would like to send our association correspondence using PDF but I can’t afford the cost of Adobe.

Thank you, Charles

Dear Charles,

Did you check to see if your version of Word has the export to PDF feature?

If not, I have used a print to pdf program successfully. You can try Cute PDF at:

Just make sure you read each install screen and remove the check mark so that you don’t install any unwanted toolbars.

Once you install the print to PDF program, you click on “Print” as if you are going to print the document, but click Cute PDF as the printer. You will then get a dialog box allowing you to specify a name and location for your document.



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    • Donald Crowder
    • July 19, 2014

    In response to an inexpensive program to create/edit PDF format I’d suggest a FREE Office Suite of programs produced by The Document Foundation. It has all the functions found in a typical Office Suite. The Word Processor will import edit and export the PDF format.
    It works on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8). They do ask for a small donation as they have 1000’s of programmers working on this wonderful creation and they are a not for profit organization. They arose from the GNU project for free software several decades ago. The software name is LibreOffice at

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