Treepad Lite

Treepad Lite
Works in Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & XP

Treepad is a great program that I have been using for many years! It is basically a way to store and manage information.


TreePad Lite is a very intuitive, small yet powerful personal database program, only half a megabyte in size. Treepad allows you to store all your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. into one or multiple databases. With the look and feel of the familiar Windows explorer, editing, storing, browsing, searching and retrieving your data can not be easier!

TreePad can be run directly from a floppy, if necessary, including data. To find any article you previously created or imported, you can browse the tree, in the same way as you browse directories/folders in the Windows explorer. You can also use the internal search engine to find any piece of information swiftly.

If you like to store information, recipes, or addresses, Treepad makes the job much easier.


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