Whisper32 Free, Works in Win9x, XP and Vista


I have installed quite a few programs on my computer, and several of them were free programs that I wouldn’t be without. One such program is called Whisper32. It is simply a small database for storing passwords. 



I know that many of you depend on programs like Gator to store your information, but I prefer a program that does not install spy ware on your computer. Gator also is always running in the background which slows down the computer, and it is easier for hackers to access.

Whisper32 is only running when I open it to look up (or store) a password. It will encrypt the data that I keep in it, and can be password protected. 

Whisper32 allows me to save the name of the site or program, the username, password, and has a space to save notes.


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