Conga Bugs

Conga Bugs

Works in Windows XP and Vista

Play free for one hour, click on the picture below.

Cost: as low as $6.99 with Game Club membership
                        (regular price $19.99) 

Do you like to play marble popping games? You know the ones where you shoot a colored marble and if you hit two or more marbles of the same color, they explode? 

In Conga Bugs, you don’t shoot marbles, instead you shoot dancing conga bugs. These dancing bugs just can`t stop doing the conga, and it`s up to you to clear them out in this fast-paced musical Marble-Popper. Shoot bugs from your launcher to match their colors and send them on their way. Earn special bug tokens to spend in the Orchestra Pit, where you can put together your own insect ensemble. Unlock fun facts about their Entomology and even the special secret ending! Don’t let the conga line pass you by!

  • Musical Marble-Popping action
  • Build your own bug orchestra
  • Unlock the final secret ending 


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