Farm Fables Game

Farm Fables
By Big Fish Games
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Works with Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Farm Fables is a fun little game that I found on Big Fish Games the other day, and decided to give it a try. It must be that I grew up on a farm that draws me to these fun little farm games. Farm Fables, however, seems to be a step above most of the time management games I have played. While most time management games seem to test how fast you can click on everything, this game is more of a thinking game (which I like). I also like that I don’t end up with an aching wrist when I am done playing.

Your goal with Farm Fables is to get the farm up and running in two years so that you can keep the farm. As each season passes during those two years, you have to deal with the weather and new challenges. The changing seasons keeps things interesting, since your environment changes. I’m not a big fan of planting in the snow, but at least my fingers aren’t getting cold!

In Farm Fables, you plant grass for your livestock to eat, and crops to sell or turn into products. When you are given a goal at the beginning of each level, you need to think about what crop or type of animal will get you to your goal the quickest. I was able to get the gold star in all but two levels of the first season. My biggest problem was losing crops because I didn’t water them in time. There was no audible signal that they needed water, and if I was concentrating on collecting eggs (for example) I would not glance at the crops until it was too late to water them… kind of reminds me of my real life garden.

This game has some good controls, I was quickly able to figure out how to turn down the music, while leaving the game sounds on. It also has cute graphics.

I found Farm Fables to be a good game to own. It is a thinking game that is rather relaxing (I find constant fast clicking to be stressful, this game is not that way) and it helps me unwind when the stresses of life start to wind me up. It is one of those classic games that grandma will enjoy just as much as the children.


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