Fishing Craze

Fishing Craze Game Review

Runs in:  Windows XP/Vista


This is a fun little game that anyone can play. 

You move your boat around in the water with your mouse, and click to raise or lower your fishing line. Catch a fish and it will fly up into the air. Make sure your boat is under the fish when it falls, and you get points for catching the fish. The more points you get, the higher up you will be in the rankings.

I like a nice basic game that young kids will be able to play on the easy levels, and more advanced players will find challenging in the advanced levels. 

As you advance to more difficult levels, there are more obstacles in the water, a swordfish will cut your fishing line, and electric eel will shock you, a whale will lift your boat up out of the water with his spout and more. 

You can also catch bubbles and get treasures off the bottom of the lake that will allow you to buy better fishing lures and bigger fishing boats. Every fisherman’s dream!


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