Glow Fish Game Review

Glow Fish from Big Fish Games

I always have fun with this part of my job, I get to play a game, share my thoughts on the game with you, my readers, and when you purchase any Big Fish Game using a link from my newsletter or website, I earn a comission. So basically, I get paid to play games. *smile* Just click on one of the cute images from the game below to download a one hour trial of the game, or purchase the game.

Today, I am reviewing a cute little game from Big Fish Games called, Glow Fish.

I would call Glow Fish a casual game. It is cute, relaxing and fun to play, while at the same time, requiring you to think and figure out how to progress from one level to the next.

In Glow Fish, you are a cute little fish. Your job is to swim around and collect gold coins and find the lost little fishies. Along the way, you are treated to lovely underwater plant life, and beautiful bubbles, and threatened by dangerous jellyfish and other “bad guys”.

You control your fish using either the mouse, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. I found the arrow keys easier to use than the mouse, except when I needed to swim in circles around a bad fish that had one of my little buddies held captive. Swimming in tight circles was a little easier with the mouse.

When you find your little friends, they swim in a line behind you until their home is unlocked (you can tell the home is unlocked when the small house symbol turns from red to green) Home is a pretty shell with an unbrella type roof.

While Glow Fish is very simple at the beginning, and your children and grandchildren will enjoy playing it, the higher levels are challenging, and it takes time to figure these levels out.

I had fun exploring Glow Fish for you. It is one of those rare games that is fun for the little ones and the thinkers in your family.


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