Plants VS Zombies Game

Plants vs. Zombies review – Written By: Aaron Boston

Plants vs. Zombies is a fun game where you have to defend your house from zombies with plants. Throughout the game you acquire various plants that do different things. And you fight different zombies that have strengths and weaknesses. The plant you start out with in the game is the pea plant. This plant shoots peas at the zombies. Now you may not think that shooting peas hurts the zombies but it does. As the levels go on the zombies become more determined to get into your house because they want to eat your brains.

The main game isn’t the only thing that you can do in the game. There are three mini things that you can play. The first one is mini games and that is a whole bunch of mini games for you to play. The second one is strategy and that is where you have to really think about what plants to get and where to put them and things like that. The third one is Survival where you have to survive for some days with the same plants that you left with the day before. There is also a Zen garden that you can grow some plants in. If you keep the plants happy and watered then they will give you coins in return.

Plants vs. Zombies is a very fun game because of its creativity and strategy gaming. It’s not every day you can fight off hordes of zombies with plants ( unless you have this game). It is a somewhat challenging game because I even lose some of the mini game levels sometimes (but they are still really fun). Some of the side games are wild and crazy like bowling for zombies. When have you ever bowled for zombies what other video game will let you do that? That’s only one of many side games that you can play but the rest are for you to play ( I don’t want to spoil your fun).

In a zombie infested world are there any other survivors? Well for this game your neighbor Crazy Dave is there to help you and sell you things. The things that he sells aren’t cheap though, You need a lot of money for them. You can get the money for them by completing levels in the campaign or mini games. If Crazy Dave can’t help you then you always have your plants to defend your house.

Your plants come in a variety of shapes sizes and cost. In order to plant the plants you need a certain number of sun points. The more sun you have the more plants you can have. Your plants aren’t the only things that have bunch of variety, the zombies also come in many different forms. Some are armored, some are fast some are slow. Well I can’t explain it well enough in this review so if you really want to find out how amazing it is then play it on your computer today.

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