Disk Scan Runs When Booting

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m a big fan. Been following for years. Never thought I’d need help. Enjoy working thru a problem. Well….. this one has me but good.

Few weeks ago on start up, I started getting “a disk check has been scheduled”. No idea how it started. Only happened about once a week. It makes boot time unbearably long.

Recently it happens every time I start the computer.

How can I UNSCHEDULE DISK CHECK in Windows 7? H E L P!

Thanks so much for all the help over the years.


Dear Dick,

Without looking at your computer I can’t be certain what is scheduling your disk check.

However, I can tell you from experience that when your computer suddenly starts wanting to check your hard drive when you start the computer, it usually means that the hard drive is developing problems.

The fact that it is running more and more often means that the problem is probably getting worse.

I would get some diagnostics running on your hard drive and see what is going on.

Some computer manufacturers have the ability to run diagnostics built into the bios, but if that option is not available to you, either take it to your local computer shop, or if you have a bit of troubleshooting experience, you can try running a diagnostic yourself.



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