Files Are Gone After Recovery

Dear Computer Lady,

Hello my name is Bob, and I really could use the help of an expert!!!

I have a dell dimension desktop 64 bit gaming computer using window’s vista home premium.

I was in safe mode several week’s ago trying to do a system restore and trying to watch an NBA playoff game at the same time, anyway I think I hit the restore to factory setpoint link instead of system restore!!!

Now all my information that was on my desktop is gone!!! it’s not in my trash can so can you tell me where it went and how do I get it back!!! I had a computer repair place tell my that I need a restore program but that they did not have one or know where to get one!!

If you can help me you can contact me?

Thank you and I have to tell you I just love your helpful newsletter!!! sincerely Bob

Dear Bob,

If you did run the system recovery instead of System Restore, you have erased the hard drive and performed a clean install of Windows. That means that for the most part, your files are gone.

The only real option you could try that MIGHT get SOME of your files back would be to contact a data recovery company like Kroll Ontrack at

Most data recovery companies will give you a free quote, but you should know that it will probably cost you hundreds of dollars to recover your files.



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