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Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for all of your information over the past years.

I have recently purchased a new computer and have run into a problem with using a program that I love but is giving me fits with the new device.

The new computer has a solid state hard dive (C) as well as a mechanical hard drive (D) with the solid state drive being much the smaller of the two.

When I load Dropbox on the computer and synch it almost all of the solid state hard drive is consumed leaving me little room for other programs. Is there some way I can load Dropbox on the D drive so that I can continue syncing files between my other computers?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter, Toby

Dear Toby,

According to the Dropbox help website, you can indeed move your Dropbox folder to your D: drive. Here is how:

First, you need to be using the desktop version of Dropbox. It sounds like you have already done this step, but if you have not, go to to download, then install the program.

Once you have Dropbox downloaded and installed, you will find an icon for it in the system tray (the right-hand end of the taskbar). Click on the taskbar icon for dropbox, and click on the small gear icon located in the top-right corner of the dialog box that appears.

Click on, “Preferences in the drop-down list.

Click the, “Sync” icon in the top row.

You will find a section on this page named, “Dropbox Folder Location”. Click the “Move” button to select a new location for your dropbox files, then click “OK”, click “OK” again, and once more to close the dialog box.

I didn’t actually move my Dropbox folder because my D: drive doesn’t have any extra room, so there might be a couple of extra “OK”s that you might have to click before you are done.



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