How To Salvage Files From A Dead Computer

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

You are so smart and maybe you can advise me what to do.

I have an old computer that died some years ago. There are some Autocad drawings that I would like to salvage on an external drive.

The problem is that my monitor is not getting any signal from the computer, so I cannot see anything on the screen.
Is there anything I can do or just redraw my work from scratch? At the end I will get rid of the computer after I remove the hard drive.

Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Roumiana

Dear Roumiana,

After reading your question, I was not sure if your drawings are on an external drive, or if you want to get them off the old computer and onto an external drive.

If they are on an external drive, then the best solution would be to hook the drive up to a working computer.

If your autocad drawings are on the old computer that is no longer working, the hard drive will need to be removed and the files salvaged from the drive. This is something that I have the equipment for, and do quite often in my shop.

Your best bet (If you don’t live close enough to bring it in to my shop) is to find your local computer repair shop and have them save the files to your external drive.



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