Low Disk Space on Recovery D:

Dear Computer Lady,

I Love your newsletter.

I have a question, on something I have never run into before. I keep getting this message that says low disk space.

This in referring to my D drive, I have restored the computer to factory, and it made no difference.

Is there any way I can correct this?

Thank you so much for your many years of help.


Dear Miriam,

I am going to take a guess here since I can’t actually see your computer and how it is set up.

On most computers, the D: drive is either a CD or DVD drive, or a section of your hard drive that contains your recovery files. If the D: drive is indeed a recovery partition, it is just big enough to hold your recovery files, and nothing else.

When I get computers in the shop because they are getting the same message as you are getting, it is usually because they are trying to store files, or do a backup to the D: drive.

If that is the case for you, what you need to do is save your files on the C: drive, and make sure your backup program is backing up to an external drive, not the D: drive.



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