Running Programs From Old Hard Drive

Dear Computer Lady,

New Computer –Windows 7 Professional. If I put my old hard drive-XP- in a case and use as an external hard drive on the new computer, will I be able to use the Microsoft Office 97 which is on the old hard drive?

I don’t have Microsoft Office on my new computer.
Also will I be able to play the old games that are on the old hard drive?

Thank You, Jean

Dear Jean,

No, you will not be able to run the programs that were on your old hard drive unless you re-install the programs on your new system.

If you still have the Office 97 Disks that you used to install Offic on the old computer, you should be able to install Office on your new computer and use it.

The same is true with your old games. You would need to install them on your new computer.

You will, however be able to access all your files from the old computer like your documents, pictures, music, favorites and contacts. You would also be able to use the old drive as a backup drive.

Just don’t keep your only copy of your important files on that old drive, you never know when it might reach the end of its life and take your files with it when it goes.



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