Safe to Delete Files on D:?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Is it safe or feasible, to delete the D files after being copied onto a disk?

Thanks, Teddy

Dear Teddy,

You didn’t mention what was on your D: drive, so I can only guess.

Most computer manufacturers put the recovery files on the D: drive (which is actually just a section of the one hard drive in the computer). You would need to use those recovery files in the event you need to set your computer back to factory condition.

If you just copy those files to a disk, the recovery program won’t really work, however, there is another way.

Most computers come with a program that allows you to create a set of recovery disks or usb recovery media. These programs usually only run once, so that you can only create one set of disks or media.

I usually find this program by clicking on, “Start” and then searching for, “Recovery”.

Once you have created your recovery media, then you can store them in a safe place, and you will be free to delete the files on D: if you wish.



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