Best Netbook For Travel

Dear Computer Lady;

I am pedaling a tandem recumbent bicycle many a mile when on vacation with my husband (the Prince!).

I would like to have a small netbook on the bike to use while I pedal…

I already have a wordprocessor mounted to our tandem by my husband’s invention & enjoy writing while I pedal!

Do you have one that you would recommend for simple internet research use & to send a few e-mails while on the road please???

I have purchased (in the past) the $100.00 CVS version which turned out to be JUNK!!!

1,000,000 thanks!

“Ms. VT. POET” (IN VT.) 🙂


Dear Ms. VT. POET,

My first netbook was too small, and the hard drive was not large enough to hold many files, so I do know that you have to be careful when selecting a netbook.

My current netbook is an Acer Aspire. It is a little bit bigger than the average netbook with and 11.6″ screen, and the hard drive is large enough to meet all my needs. When I purchased it, the Acer Aspire only had two GB of RAM, but I had done my research, and knew that I could upgrade it to 4GB, which I did.

Amazon has a list of Acer Netbooks here:

Acer Netbooks

You should be able to find one that will meet your needs.


PS: Would a tablet work better for your travels? My iPad is great for internet and email.

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