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Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a way I can resize the displayed webpages so I don’t have to use the scrolling from side to side, basically I want to know how to see the entire webpage left to right without scrolling side to side.

Thanks for any help, Angela

Dear Angela,

While there is no way to change the width of individual web pages, if you are having this problem on most websites, chances are your computer is set to a low resolution.

One of the display settings on your computer is something called the resolution. Resolution is measured in pixels, the higher the number of pixels, the more information you can display on your screen and the smaller items appear. Lower screen resolution makes items appear larger and can benefit people with vision impairments. 

This is how you can adjust the screen resolution on your computer:

1. Right click on a blank spot on your desktop, and click “Properties” on the menu that appears.

2. In the “Display Properties” window, click on the “Settings” tab.

3. In the section labeled “Screen resolution” slide the little tab to the right until the resolution is 800 X 600 or greater.

4. Click the “OK” button to save your changes.


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