Computer Can’t Sleep

Dear Computer Lady,

I have 2 computers a desktop and a laptop. And strangely they both have the same problem. When I try to use Hibernate or sleep it won’t work. It goes through the motions and immediately wakes up. The desk top will hibernate (sometimes) but the laptop won’t do either. I have talked to tech support about the desktop but it didn’t help. In addition to the “sleep” problems the laptop has a problem with the right click function. When in the programs menue I wanted to sort my programs alphabetically, but right clicking on any item in the programs list won’t work. It just blinks but won’t give me the right click menue. I am sorry if this is too long to answer, but it seemed to take a lot of words to explain what’s happening.

Thanks for any help. Sincerely Linda G


Dear Linda,

Without looking at the computers, I can only guess at what is causing the problems. But, I do have one guess that I have seen in other computers.

Do you have a wireless mouse hooked up to these computers? Sometimes the signals from a wireless mouse will “move” just enough to prevent things like the screen saver coming on, or the computer going to sleep.

I don’t have any suggestions for your right click problem, but be sure to check below to see if any readers have left comments with suggestions for you.


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