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I have enjoyed your emails for years and learned a lot. Now I have a question:
My HP desktop Windows 8.1 (using Firefox) recently will not accept the ‘sleep’ order when trying to shut down. After clicking on ‘sleep’ in the shut down or power button, it will do that for half a second and then fire up again; the screen saver comes up and the computer will not go to sleep or hibernate anymore. I have set all the power option programs correctly (5 minutes) but nothing seems to work to enable the sleep feature. Any suggestions to correct this?

Thank you so much, Casper

Dear Casper,

While I can’t be sure exactly what is going on without looking at your computer, my best guess is that you have something going on that is waking the computer back up.

Have you started using a new mouse with the computer? I have seen a lot of wireless mice that are so sensitive that the computer registers it as moving, and so the computer can’t go to sleep.

If you are using a wireless mouse, try turning it off when you are not using the computer.

If you have recently attached a new device to your computer, disconnect it and see if that makes a difference.



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