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Dear Computer Lady,

Hi. I have a question, but first I want to tell you I have learned so much from your newsletter, thanks a bunch. 

Now I have a problem, my computer seems to cut itself off, and the fan that usually makes a noise is not running inside the tower.

Do I need to take my computer to be fixed? It cuts itself off after you have been on a while, like it gets hot then cuts off.

thanks for any info, KE


Dear KE,

You are right about the computer getting hot. Once the fan inside the computer stops running, you are in danger of the computer overheating.

You should take the computer in to get the fan replaced. A new fan is usually less than twenty dollars. If you don’t replace the fan, and the computer keeps overheating, it will soon damage your processor and motherboard, which will cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.

It is a good idea if everyone opens up their computer case once or twice a year to check the fans and make sure they are still running. 

A sure sign that your fan is about to quit, is when it makes a screeching noise when the computer is first turned on, and fades as the computer warms up. I had one once that sounded like a jet engine was taking off. If you hear a noisy fan in your system, you should get it replaced as soon as you can.



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