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Dear Computer Lady,

I left my computer on for several hours and when I returned the screen had shifted to the right. It is a HP and I have Windows Seven. So presently, there is a 3 inch black strip on the screen on the left and the commands on the right (up, down, off) are off the screen. It is not as simple as putting the cursor on the left edge and dragging it to the correct position.

When I turn the computer on, one of the messages is: Your current setting is: 1024-768 It should be: 1920-1080. The last time I looked, the last numbers were not even a possibility.

The computer store said I should connect the video cable. When I did that, I had a blank screen. I am not very computer competent, but I would like to restore the screen to the original size, so I can use all the features.

Thanks so much, Margaret


Dear Margaret,

I’m not sure exactly what is happening with your monitor, in fact, I don’t have enough information to tell if this problem is happening with a laptop, or a desktop and monitor.

If you are having this problem with your monitor, you should be able to find a button on the front (it might be the side or bottom of the front) that will automatically adjust the display. Usually, the button says, “Auto Adjust” or just “Auto”. Try finding and pushing that button to see if it fixes the problem.

If you are using a laptop, or the Auto function does not fix the problem on your monitor, try using the built in “System Restore” function to restore your computer to a date before the problem occurred. You can access System Restore using the start menu with the following directions:

1. Click on “Start” and then click on “All Programs”.

2. In the Programs menu, Click on “Accessories”, then “System Tools”.

3. Under System Tools, you will see, “System Restore” click on it.

4. In the System Restore window, click “Next”.

5. Find a restore point with a date before your problem began, and click on it to select it.
a. If you don’t see the date you need, click “Show More Restore Points”

6. Once you have selected your restore point, click “Next” and then click “Finish”.

7. The restore will take a few minutes, and your computer will restart during the process. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

It sounds like you have already tried to change the resolution, but just in case you haven’t, I will include directions for that as well.

1. Click on “Start”, then on “Control Panel”.

2. In the Control Panel section labeled, “Appearance and Personalization”, click on “Adjust Screen Resolution”.

3. Click the drop down list next to “Resolution” and move the slider up or down to make the adjustments, and click “OK”.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the problem using one or more of these steps.


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    • Sateros
    • February 28, 2011

    Initializing BIOS may fix it. On my computer,function keys F2>F9 >F10.

    F2 : ( Start BIOS (by pressing several times on system logon) )
    F9 : ( Load Optimal Defaults )
    F10 : ( Save configuration changes and exit setup )

    • cindym
    • February 28, 2011

    I have needed to use “system restore” several times, but none of them work. I have used them in the past but none have worked for over a year. I have tried creating a restore point and that doesn’t work either. Could some kind of “update”, either from Windows (I have XP) or my Norton AntiVirus, cause this? I really hope someone can help me with this problem so I can resolve others.

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