Computer shuts off

Dear Computer Lady,

Lately my computer shuts down while I’m working on it and I have to press the power button to get it back on. Sometimes it does it a couple of times. I’ve noticed it also turns itself on after it’s been shut off for a while.

Ghosts? lol. Or is it a hardware problem?

Help, Cheryl


Dear Cheryl,

This sounds like a hardware problem. While I can’t be certain without running some tests on the computer itself, my best guess is that you are having some issues with your power supply, which if this is a desktop (not a laptop) computer can be easily fixed by replacing it with a new one.

Replacing a power supply can be easily done at your local computer repair shop, for about a hundred dollars.

If you are comfortable working inside your computer, and know how to avoid causing static damage to the circuit boards in the computer, you can purchase a power supply and replace it yourself.

I have included a link to a power supply that I like to use. You want to make sure this is the right size and type for your computer before you purchase it.


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    • danmeyer116
    • August 27, 2009

    Your computer is going into sleep or hibernate mode. Go to power options and change how many minutes of non use before going to sleep, or disable feature entirely if it is a desktop. It is a security feature and saves batteries on laptops.

    • danmeyer116
    • August 27, 2009

    This link will explain the feature.

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