Copy iTunes to New Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I want to transfer itunes from my old computer to new. Have Seagate external hard drive but cant work out how to do transfer.


Dear Robert,

Many people have a folder full of itunes on their computer, and are looking for an easy way to transfer the songs to a new computer.

I am not really a user of itunes yet (I will probably become a user of iTunes when I save up enough money for an iPad) but I do have a lot of experience backing up the iTunes music folder for my customers.

Since you stated that you have an external hard drive, you are already on your way to backing up your music.

The first thing you want to do is locate your iTunes music folder on your computer. There are a couple of locations to check. First is the “My Music” folder under your identity. Let me give you and example…

If you log into your computer under the user name, Robert, you would navigate to that user folder.

1. Click on “Start” and then click on “My Computer” (or just “Computer” if you are using Vista)

2. Double click on either the “Users” folder in Vista, or the “Documents And Settings” folder in XP.

3. Double click on the, “Robert” folder, or whatever your user name is. It could be anything from, “Default User”, Dell Customer, to a nickname that you specified when you first set the computer up.


If you don’t know what your user name is, you can just check the contents of each user folder listed.

4. Once in your user folder, double click on the “Music” or “My Music” folder, and look for a folder named, “iTunes”. Don’t worry if the iTunes folder is not in the first place you look, it can be in one of several locations.

5. If you don’t find the iTunes folder in your user folder, check the “My Music” folder in the other identities, and in the “All Users” or “Public” folder. I often find the iTunes folder in the “Public Music” or “All Users Music” folders.

6. Once you have located the, “iTunes” folder, keep the window open, and move it to one side of your screen.

7. Now, open a window for your external hard drive. Make sure the drive is connected to your computer, and turned on, then click on “Start” and “My Computer”.

8. In the “My Computer” window, double click on the external hard drive icon to open it.

9. Move the external hard drive window to the opposite side of the screen so that you can drag the iTunes folder from one window to the other. This will create a copy on your external hard drive.

10. Once you have a copy of the iTunes folder on your external hard drive, you can use the same dragging technique to copy it to your new computer.


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