Cursor Jumps When Typing

Dear Computer Lady,

I have an HP G60 laptop that is about 1.5 years old. I have an intermittent problem that is more prevalent than not. When I try typing text the cursor jumps all the way back to the beginning after the 6th or 7th character like I hit the home key.

If I use my mouse and move the cursor back I can continue to type without problem. I’ve scanned the system for viruses and reloaded all the drivers which didn’t help. I took it to Staples to be checked out and their reply was the hard drive and motherboard is bad. Neither of which I believe as this is intermittent and the system works fine otherwise. What would you suggest?


Dear Jim,

I can’t tell you exactly what the problem is on your computer, but I can give you something to try to narrow it down.

Get yourself a small piece of cardboard (a cereal box will work fine for this) and cut it so that it is just a little bit bigger than the touchpad on your laptop. Tape the cardboard so that it covers the entire touchpad, and then start typing.

I’m guessing that you won’t have the problem with the cardboard over the touchpad.

Some touchpads are more sensitive than others, and my guess is that it is picking up your arm as it moves over the keys.

If the cardboard doesn’t work, then you at least know that it isn’t your touchpad, but if it does work, you will know for sure what the problem is.


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