Double beep

Dear Computer Lady,

I have recently bought a new PC which is i3 530 and 55hc board. The problem is every time I start my PC, its on board speaker beeps twice. Is it a message of error or is it normal? Because my old pc didn’t do this. I know the on board speaker beeps only when any hardware error occurs. Will you please tell me something about this. because all attached hardware seems to work properly.



Dear Shahid,

Most computers beep once during a normal boot to signify that the power on self test (POST) was completed successfully.

Over the years, I have seen many computers that don’t beep at all, and I have seen an occasional computer or two that have a double beep to signify that the POST completed successfully.

Since your computer appears to be working normally, and there were no error messages on your screen when it was booting up, I would think that you have one that gives you a double beep.

You would know beyond a shadow of a doubt if the beeping was signifying a problem, because things would not be working correctly. The most common beep patterns are…

A series of long beeps usually means that your RAM didn’t pass the POST.

One long beep followed by several short beeps usually means that your video card did not pass the POST.


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