DVD Drive Replacement

Dear Computer Lady,

I have HP XP Home Computer Windows 2000. I just lost my DVD-ROM. It was a built-in component that came with the computer.

Is there anything I can do to regain its use?

Thank you! Isabelle

Dear Isabelle,

The DVD drive on your computer is actually a unit that you can have replaced. CD and DVD drives do fail fairly often, this is because they have fast moving parts and are prone to mechanical failure.

If your computer is a desktop, any nearby computer shop will probably have a replacement on hand and be able to install it for you in under an hour.


If your computer is a laptop, they will need to special order the exact replacement that your laptop needs and the install might take a little longer since laptops are harder to take apart and put back together.

Another possible solution would be for you to purchase a USB, DVD drive. This is a small unit that is not much bigger than an actual DVD disk and just plugs into the USB port on your computer. Most of these devices done’t even need a power source since they get just enough power to run through the USB cable. The actual USB drive is a little more expensive than an internal unit might be, but you will not need to pay a technician to install it, and you can use it with more than one computer.


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