Floppy Drives

Hi Computer lady,

I am trying to find one of those old computers that have both the Floppy Disk and Memory Stick features. I know those are pretty dated, but I have a number of Floppy Disks that I need to transfer to a new hard drive and then also store the information on memory sticks.

Do you know what Brand names and models have the Floppy Disk and Memory Stick features. Also, any idea where I might be able to find one that doesn’t cost a great deal?

Thanks, Tony in Kittery Point


Dear Tony,

Rather than find an old computer, you might be better off getting an external floppy drive that attaches to your computer via USB.

USB floppy drives are available online at stores like Amazon.com and at local stores that carry computer components.

With the USB floppy drive, you can use any computer that has USB ports to transfer the contents of your floppies to a memory stick.

Some other alternatives would be to install a floppy drive in a new computer even if it doesn’t come with one. Many computer cases still come with floppy drive bays in the case, and most motherboards still have a floppy connector (although I don’t know how much longer that will be true)

You could also bring your floppies to a local computer shop and have them transfer the files for you. This is a service that I have provided for many years, and is a good way to get all the data off your old floppies that do degrade over time onto an optical disk which has a shelf life of 100 years.


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