How To Adjust Laptop Brightness

Dear Computer Lady,

Elizabeth, I have been a pc person since they came out, now I bought a laptop. Its a HP Pavilion g7-1219wm notebook pc.

The problem I’m having is certain web pages the letters blend in with the background & I can’t read them.

Is this something unique to laptops or is there a setting I can change?? Example is “Sears” & the tv section, just one of many.

I would appreciate it if you can help me with my computer, Thanks, Dianne


Dear Dianne,

I went to the Sears website and looked around on their TV page, and I’m guessing that you can’t see the letters that are a lighter grey and not black.

If this is the case, it might be the brightness of your laptop screen.

You can adjust the brightness and see if that helps. Here are the directions:

1. Click on the “Start Orb” then click on “Control Panel”.

2. In the Control Panel, click on “Hardware and Sound”.

3. In the Hardware and Sound page, find the “Power Options” section and click on “Adjust Screen Brightness”.

4. At the very bottom of the window, you will see a slider that you can use to adjust the brightness of your display. Slide it to the left to reduce the brightness, and to the right to increase the brightness.

Hopefully, this will make a difference on the web pages you are trying to view.


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